Hi Everyone! Welcome on 'The Clumsy Penman's InKfusion blog'. This blog is aiming to be mostly ink and fountain pen oriented. However, I would also like to share a little about my calligraphy, penmaship as well as drawing , which I am passionate about.


On this blog I would love to gather in one place and share with the other people who might be interested in what I do all the fountain pen and ink related tests, reveiws as well as thoughts and comments.

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If there is any ink or paper you like to see reviewed and tested, then please let me know and I would be more than happy to try it out.

Welcome to the Clumsy Penman's InKfusion blog !

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Continuing my little journey with pocket notebooks I kindly received for testing from Pocket Notebooks (UK) I got hands finally on Dark Star notebook made by UK based company (in Wales) who creates hand made notebooks.

Dark Star offers few different designs. Pocket notebook I received is called Nomad. They are available as set of three and cost in the UK  £ 8.0.


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Clairefontaine notebooks pads and exercise books own reputation of  having one of the best paper around for writing and their products are well acclaimed in the world of fountain pen enthusiasts.

To celebrate the history of the brand, Clairefontaine has reinvented recently original notebook covers they made with a modern touch.  The 1951 Retro Nova series combines legacy of the original covers and beautifully smooth paper Clairefontaine is famous for, which resulted in a high quality moder-retro looking notebooks.

Clairefontaine 1951 Reto Nova pocket notebooks are available in six different colours and three vintage patterns:  ‘parallèles’, ‘nouvelle vague’ and ‘arlequin”. Notebook I kindly obtained for review from Pocket Notebooks (UK) is purple ‘nouvelle vague’.


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Story Supply Co. is a small stationary company based in York, Pennsylvania who creates an interesting  packet staple notebooks, sketchbooks, pencils  and other stationary related items . Basically ‘analog tools for storytellers‘ to allow capture great ideas, designs and of course stories. I like that approach.

Importantly Story Supply Co. has also an interesting ‘story’ to tell. They partner up with several organisations who support free tutoring and provide high quality programs to students in the neighbourhoods where support is really needed.  So, whenever you purchase notebooks from them, they will send a ‘Story Supply Kit‘ to a kid which might have an interesting story to tell. What a great idea! More about Story Supply Kit program you will find on their website here. Cool stuff.

OK, let’s talk about notebooks created by Story Supply Co.

The one I was kindly supplied for this review by Pocket Notebooks (UK)  is available as a set of 3 on sell under pretty good price (£ 11.0 UK or  $ 10.0 in the US directly from the manufacturer).


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Among the other ‘stationary goodies’ I kindly received from Stuart at Pocket Notebooks (UK), there was a one ‘petite’ pocket notebook, which looked slightly understated and initially it did not bring much of my attention. Although,  over time I have learned my lesson – Do not underestimate small notebook…ever !

The notebook I misjudged is made by Silvine, an ‘iconic’ British company who makes wide range of stationary products including notebooks, sketchpads, refill pads, writing paper, envelopes, cash books and may many more. Their paper products are made in Yorshire by well established (1837) manufacturer  – Sinclairs.

What I learned (not being British) is that Silvine’s red notebooks refer directly to the legacy of the bold red books used and loved by schoolchildren, artists, writers and carpenters, shopkeepers since 1948. Recently, Silvine has reinvented these iconic British notebooks and and lunched them as a new line of products called ‘Silvine Originals Collection‘.

Notebooks from this line have quite simple and classic design. Simple cut, no rounding, nothing super fancy. Again, very simple, but elegant.  One I received from Pocket Notebooks belongs to the smallest Silvine line of notebooks called – ‘Pocket’.

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