10 fabulous companions – Diamine inks which shimmer

When few months ago Diamine announced that they are going to release shimmering inks it caused massive excitement in the fountain pen community, especially when J. Herbin's 1670 limited edition was already on the market and quickly became very popular among the users. J. Herbin was introducing four 1670 inks gradually in a step wise manner. No doubt that Shimmering Edition is a straight answer to Herbin's 1670 series, but Diamine did something completely different and introduced 10 very attractive colours at once. This possibly follows the same route Diamine went few months before with 150 Anniversary edition releasing number of new inks at the same time. Personally I like this approach, because it gives me an opportunity to pick an ink I like at the moment or even few or all of them if I need. I am not the person who love to wait in excitement for weeks to get another colour which may be great or may turn out to be a disappointment. I like stuff being available here and now. Diamine did something else. Customers got not only 10 beautiful inks with diffrent colours but also suspended particles which 'shimmer' at certain light conditions varies between being gold or silver. J. Herbin offers only four colours and all contain only golden particles. All 10 inks in the series characterize great overall performance. Despite thin feel, all are well saturated both in base color as well as in particles. Ink flows beautifully creating wonderful lines where glittery bits add an additional dimension to it. This is especially noticeable when you use wet writing pen (preferably broad, italic on flexible) on smooth good quality paper. Diamine inks in this series aren't waterproof, but the good thing is that is easy to clean pens when you done. However, I would not recommend to use any expensive pens, especially these which are difficult to maintain. Otherwise, why not to do crazy and ink up ten pens with different colours at once and have fun! These inks are fun to use and the results are fantastic not only with fountain pens but also with calligraphy nibs too. The basic rule here is more ink - better shimmering effect will be gained. They are probably not for business type of application (of course depending on business you do), but many of them would be perfect for wedding cards (Golden sands), invitations, Christmas cards (Red Lustre, Magical Forest or Brandy Dazzle) on may more, whatever you can imagine. If you ask me which is my favorite, I will really struggle with an answer. They are all great! Diamine did very good job with them and I believe is very successful so far. You probably seen number of reviews or tests done and presented on many fountain pen / inks related forums and blogs. Here is my contribution and I am hoping you will enjoy it. (Please click on the thumbnail pictures below)
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