Private Reserve Avocado – ink review

New year is nearly there, but I still feel the smell of the Christmas tree in my living room. The deep rich green color of the pine tree I have reminds me the color of the ink I reviewed today which is an 'Avocado' produced by Private Reserve Ink Company. As I mentioned in the review I was looking for a dark green ink which performs well, so I can use it on daily basis. I think 'Avocado' fulfilled my expectations entirely. I hope you enjoy my short review.

Blog comments

Hi! I’ve just enabled comments section which should be available underneath each blog post or any ink/pen review I did. For my convenience and security reasons mostly, I decided to carry this using DISQUS platform. I hope you do not mind, so from now on we can have nice discussions here. Thanks !

TWSBI Vac Mini – The coolest little companion – Review

Christmas just passed and I hope you had a great one. Over the Xmas I received (or got from Santa I believe) a brand new TWSBI Vac Mini, which was quite anticipated fountain pen in the community for a while. I think this is lovely looking and really reliable compact and affordable fountain pen, which I would recommend to everyone. I just did short review including number of pictures. Hope you enjoy it.

Diamine 150 anniversary edition – Silver Fox – Review

Hi everyone! I've just posted an another ink review. This time the examoned ink is a Diamine 150 Anniversary Edition - Silver Fox. This is a moderately saturated grey ink with color which actually reminds the color of silver fox. Initially, I was very sceptical about this ink and it's light color in general, but after few weeks of comtemplating it I found it's place in my fountain pen world and now I really enjoy it! This is probably not everyone's ink but I believe there is plenty of people out there who love it. Please have a look and I hope you find this short review useful.

Pilot Iroshizuku Kon-peki ink review @PilotPenUK

Just wanted to share that new ink review is ready. This time I took on my 'workshop' another ink fro Pilot's Iroshizuku line - Kon-peki (Deep Cerulean Blue). This is very popular (but expensive) ink, which probably was reviewed hundreds times at different occasions, but this is my small contribution. Similarly to Iroshizuku Yama-budo reviewed recently this is stunning looking ink which performs amazingly and everyone who loves fountain pens should try despite of pen quality. It is almost like feeding a car with super pure and super power fuel. It has to work.

F.P.R. Triveni Junior Giraffe – a fountain pen review

Hi, I've just posted a new quick review of very pretty and inexpensive pen I have bought few months ago - FPR Triveni Junior Giraffe. The pen can be obtained from small company located in India and run by Kevin called Fountain Pen Revolution (F.P.R.), which specializes in decent looking fountains pens, affordable for everyone, which I believe is Kevin's philosophy. I strongly sympathize with this idea, since I believe most of fountain available on the market are well overpriced and high price not necessarily reflects in the writing experience. This particular pen (slightly modified to my needs) I carry everyday in my pocket and I found a very good companion. Additionally , it nicely fits my leather traveler notebook. Enjoy!

I love Beethoven music…a lot

Recently, (apart of his birthday yesterday) I listen a lot of Beethoven’s music. Well I listen quite a lot of ‘classical’ music anyway but Beethoven is currently really on my radar. It just stuck in my head. These all fine quiet slow details (almost like walking on the toes trying to not wake up something dark which then grow) which later speed up to become something huge and monumental (like in the 3rd movement – Allegro of the 5th )…is everything!

inks: J. Herbin Rouge Hematite and Stormy Grey


Pilot Iroshizuku Yama-budo review


Today I have a short review of one of the best performing inks I ever used, which also has stunning looking vibrant color: Pilot Iroshizuku Yama-budo.

It is not cheap, I may give you that but it is worth. The writing  and visual experience are great. It really attracts peoples eyes. Enjoy!

New pen review – Edison Collier Persimmon Swirl

Hi Everyone!

Slowly but firmly I am working on new content to be add.

Today, I would like to share with you a short review and image gallery of adorable pan I have for couple of months - Edison Collier with beautiful Persimmon Swirl pattern.
This is one of the best made pens I have in my small collection. The finish of the acrylic is just amazing. The pen it self is very attractive and eye catching

I have added also links to pretty cool video reviews on Youtube done by Matt Armstrong, Stephen Brown and Hector Padilla. They may be helpful too 🙂

I hope you would enjoy it.

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