Private Reserve Orange Crush – ink review

Hi ! The new ink review is on. This time I had on my workbench truly beautiful dark orange ink from Private Reserve called 'Orange Crush'. Looking at this ink I would rather call it a 'Bloody Orange', especially once drops of it may remind a fresh blood. Anyhow, I have this ink for last 5 months now and I think it will stay with me for much longer. This is the best dark orange ink I tried so far, but I still have few brands to test out to get the final ultimate winner.

Lamy Ink


Yesterday, I received a hefty batch of Lamy ink cartridges and hand of spare Lamy nibs to be tested and sampled. All these goodies were kindly provided by (Thank you Mishka!). I am pretty excited, because I have very little experience with Lamy products so far. Having a lot of fun making ink swabs last night what I van tell at this moment is that I already picked up some fascinating and cool looking inks.
Now, I have a ‘wet job’ to prepare more material for the reviews comming, which I will be posting soon (whenever ready).

So, stay tuned!






Diamine shimmering edition – Blue Lightning

Dear All, The new ink review is already live. This time I had on my workbench absolutely gorgeous and fun Diamine Blue Lightning ink . Blue Lightning belongs to the family of ten related inks, called 'Shimmering Fountain Pen Ink' edition, which shate the same common feature - they shine and shimmer, which is really funky. This is a result of presence of small 'gold' and 'silver' particles suspended in the ink which reflect light giving beautiful visual effect. Check this out!

Duke 911 – Big Shark – review

Nearly year ago I had a funny phase when I was buying inexpensive fountain pens manufactured in China. I was quite intrigued how good or bad they may be for price not higher than 20 GBP (usually even less than £10). Being a kid nearly 30 years ago I had to Hero fountain pens (and ink), and I do not have any bad memories, so I decided to give it a go. Some of them are quite interesting and surprisingly goo and some turned to be dull and pretty much useless. I got various types of Jinhao, Hero, Kaigelu pens and one from company called Duke, which brought my attention. It was a modified torpedo shaped pen with the cap which reminds shark's head (cap has etched gills - cool!). For this price, pen turned to be a decent writing tool, which I use very often since I bought it. Does it write like MontBlanc or Visconti - rather not, but it does pretty good job, and often better than the other, much more expensive pens I tried so far. So, concluding - never underestimate cheap pens because you may miss a gem. Here is my short review of Duke 911 - Big Shark in shimmering green and black pattern. Enjoy!

Diamine 150 anniversary – Terracotta – ink review

Hi everyone! First of all in, the New Year 2016 I wish you all the most beautiful inks, amazing fountain pens, and great quality paper...always. Most importantly - have fun ! Ok, new year is already here and tons of inks are waiting to be reviewed. I have one today I wish to share with you. This is extremely pleasing an eye ink from Diamine 150 anniversary edition, called 'Terracota'. In my opinion this is probably the coolest ink I was using for most of the last year. The earthy warm burnt sienna like color, the shading capability and how it looks on the paper prove it. I hope you would like my new mini review. Enjoy! Your comments are wary welcome too.