When you play with inks, sometimes amazing things happen


I spend quite chunky part of Saturday preparing loads of pictures and doing hundreds of ink tests for this blog. I am preparing further reviews of the another set of Diamine shimmer-tastic inks which are just awesome, but at the same time I am working on next set of Monteverde inks which free samples I kindly received from Bureau Direct, UK (Thanks). Maybe Monteverde inks do not shimmer as Diamine, but they do true magic when few drops are diffused in the water.  I love this all inky business I do but, honestly this is quite involving. This set turned out to be very regarding at the end. What do you think?

Stay tuned more reviews are coming !



Monteverde red, purple and green dancing together

‘Non-fountain pen’ weekend

Hi there,

I had a ‘Non-fountain pen’ weekend ! I decided to return back to the basics and practice consequently many aspects of cursive handwriting like the rhythm, equal spacing, and letter height. To cover this I did again most of the exercises within famous Spencer’s penmanship books. This is my second time I went through this  exercises one by one and now I feel massive difference and see new challenges.  I used the graphite pencil in purpose. It has a little feedback and may be erased again and again. Maybe boring but highly recommended to everyone who is seriously thinking about decent and consistent handwriting.




LAMY inks


The reviews of the  entire series of 8 Lamy inks (violet, turqouise, black, red, blue, green, blue-black and charged green) are done now. Possibly some of you have seen it one by one, when I was posting these reviews individually over the last month. Here, I brought together all of them if you miss one. Just click on the picture of the color you are interested below.  

Again, may thanks to BureauDirect, UK (www.bureaudirect.co.uk) for kindly suplying me with free sample cartridges of each type.

(*update 16/o4/16 - review of new Lamy Dark Lilac has been added too)

Kaigelu 316 – another pretty inexpensive fountain pen from China

About year ago, I was haunting  for pretty and inexpensive fountain pens for China. Between all these well known and popular Jinhao and Hero pens I found  very attractively looking Kaigelu 316, which reminds Parker Duofold Centennial a lot. Overall, the pen is a nice attempt. This is nowhere near to the Parker pen, but on a whole is not bad either. Actually, I quite enjoy them and use them regularly. I did short review, which may give a bit more idea what it is, really.



Eleven Monteverde inks

Hi. I am nearly done with inks from Lamy. Only two reviews left, so I think this is a good time for thinking about another ink selection to be tested. This time, I was kindly supplied by Bureau Direct, UK  (thank you Mishka !) with free samples of 11 Monteverde inks to play with. I am especially excited about it, because Monteverde inks are completely new to me, so I was not sure what to expect at all. The selection covers the most popular colors plus two very intriguing fluorescent inks. All inks are transferred from cartridges to laboratory vials and I’ve managed also to prepare inks swabs on Mnemosyne Word Cards, so everything now is ready for examination. Monteverde inks seem to be more saturated and ‘thicker’ than Lamy. It will be a lot of fun by doing wet and diffusion tests. That is for sure.  I am also very curious how they perform with different pens on various paper selection.

Stay tuned …