The Ink Reviews page update and small improvements

Hi Everyone!

It turned out, that I already did over 50 inks reviews, which is super cool! There is still many more to come. Because 50 reviews seem to be substantial number I realised that it may be easy to get lost on my ink review page,  I decided to sort them out and list by ‘Colour‘ and also by ‘Brand ‘ (please see new tabs under main menu ‘Ink Reviews’). I also left ink reviews presented as they were before under ‘All Inks‘ tab. This list contains list of all inks reviewed in chronological order (the oldest are at the top, whereas newest ones are  at the bottom). I found this old list useful sometimes, so that is why I kept it.

I hope new changes will be helpful and easier to navigate through.

Thank you for stopping by.



a Golden Treasure

For some time I was about to match up absolutely gorgeous Diamine Goden sands ink (from Diamine's Shimmering Edition) with a pen, preferably with semi-fexible nib which would enhance all beautiful properties of this Diamine ink. Finally, I ended up with the acrylic Noodler's Konrad fountain pen which has an amazing Bengal Tiger marbled pattern. Noodler's pens are often described as finicky to use, but in my opinion with patience and some basic adjustments and, they may became a beautiful and decent writing instruments. They are also inexpensive and basically built to play with. I have just posted independently reviews of both pen and ink respectively. (Please click the pictures for details)

Post-nuclear Fallout is coming! Inks from Monteverde which glow in the dark

When I received few weeks ago a package from BureauDirect, UK containing 11 sets of cartridges of different Monteverde’s ink colours for testing,  two of them  brought my attention. Apart of 9 let’s say standard ink and colours parcel contained two bizarrely looking types lurking. My first reaction was What on Earth is that?… and for God’s sake why ? These two sets of cartridges contains very bright and cloudy liquids which someone by mistake dared to call ‘an ink’, I thought. These two inks Fluorescent Yellow and Fluorescent Orange (please see my recent reviews) look exactly like fluorescent fluid commonly  used in the office text highlighters. Immediately, I was thinking, OK why we fountain pen users need an ink like that. I have set highlighters on my desk and my drawer, I am fine with them.  Then, I did reviews of 9 ‘standard’ Monteverde inks and start to face there two lads, and here they are. There are good and bad news about them. The bad is that these ‘inks’ are not for daily writing. They are just too bright. Additionally, I would not use them with any expensive pen. Both have intriguing viscosity which may (or may not) cause troubles. The good thing is that these inks are super cool to play with – both glow under UV light, reminding toxic and radioactive nuclear waste dump. Additionally,  the flow ind lubrication is awesome. I would not mind if most of my inks perform on the paper like Fluorescent Yellow – just a pure pleasure. The general application of this ink would be purely editorial with text corrections and markings. For quick flashy notes as reminder these two inks are fine. Highlighting text is an option too, but rather if you have pen equipped with wider italic nib.