Diamine Shimmering Inks – 2016 edition


Recently as a part of collaborative project under United Inkdom, I was involved in reviewing 4 out of 12 new 'shimmeristic' inks created by Diamine to complement set of original 10 released in 2015 ( more for details see 10 Fabulous companions post). With 12 new inks it extends the family to be 22 inks in total. Quite few inks I must say and I am not sure if this is good move or not keeping in mind that  analogous (but also very different) set made by J. Herbin  (1670 Edition) each colour is released sporadically, which makes them to be more anticipated. From the other hand having such large palette of colours with golden and silver sparkles gives more options to be picked at once. The base colours of many in the series remind already know 'standard' Diamine colours (which is not necessary bad thing), but addition of suspended flecks is significantly changing the way these somehow known colours look. All of them have fairly similar properties like flow or drying time and the entire series feel very consistent. For the 'meta review' purposes I got Inferno Orange, Magenta Flash, Firestorm Red and Carmel Sparkle.  Here are my reviews:

The concise United Inkdom meta-review summarising views of the others reviewers (11 in total including myself) gives very nice overview what Diamine Shimmering inks are. So, if you are interested in glittery inks, this review is a definite must. If you have not poste New Year greetings cards, do not wait, grab Diamine Shimmering ink and put some smile on someone's face.

I obtained also samples of the remaining 8 inks from the new series of 12 and I will be posting separate reviews due course. Please be patient. I have many many inks to be reviewed at some point including more from KWZ, J. Herbin, Noodler's and last but tot least some of the Robert Oster's Signature patette too. New year already looks colourful.