Visconti Homo Sapiens Bronze EF

Visconti Homo Sapiens is recognised by many in the fountain pen community as an iconic ‘grail pen’ and there is some sort of mysterious cult around this fountain pen in particular.  Before I got it,  which has happened few months ago, I have seen numerous reviews, pictures and comments about this pen and I was really curious what this massive hype is all about. The term ‘grail pen‘ may be considered as: ‘must to have this pen‘  but also: ‘I would love to have it, but damn… this is a really expensive pen and I can’t afford it!’. Is it worth its price? Why is so special? Or maybe this fountain pen is simply overrated?  Well, I will try to answer this question from my handwriting perspective and few months experience with mighty Visconti Homo Sapiens.

My journey with Visconti’s Homo Sapiens started in June 2016 when I visited Warsaw for my science related reasons. Wondering around center of Warsaw I stopped by in one local pen shop PiĆ³roteka, where I was looking several pens including Sailor, Pilot, Kaweco and many others. I actually brought a pen there and it was incredible Lamy 2000, which nowadays is one of my ‘every day’ pens, but this is a story for different time. However, being there I asked lovely and extremely patient lady who works there, if I can have a look at Visconti’s pens. Luckily, they had them in bronze, silver and brand new that time Dark Ages version. When I picked this pen, the feel it gave was so incredible, that I knew straight on, that here is some serious business going on. The pen is quite heavy (43 grams capped/ 25 grams uncapped) and feels substantial, but not too heavy. It feels right and to some extent powerful. When I unscrewed the cap, which is very easy to do with famous Visconti’s ‘hook lock safe’ system, the beauty of this fountain pen was astonishing and overwhelming. 

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Robert Oster Signature inks

Just a quick update tonight.

Two reviews of very cool inks from Robert Oster Signature line: Direct Sun and Barossa Grape are done and live since last few days. These two reviews are part of the larger collaborative meta-review of Robert Oster Signature  you may find already at the United Inkdom blog .


Robert Oster inks are gaining popularity among fountain pen users recently and there are many reasons why. They are really good quality inks with beautiful and well saturated colours representing Australian landscape. I have reviewed so far only two from quote extensive palette of colours which Rober Oster has in his offer, but I am looking forward to have a look at many more in the future. They are definitely worth checking and using.

(*)  Free samples of Robert Oster  inks I  reviewed were kindly provided by in the UK, who already has them in stock.

Twiss Pen Eye Candy

TwissPens is a small fountain pen company located in famous Sherwood forest in the UK run by well known and acclaimed British pen turner – John Twiss

Before I got into the realm of Twiss Pens I have seen many examples on the internet and I always admired his work and materials he uses.

I met John and his pens last year during London Writing Instruments Show. His desk was located just after the entrance to the main showroom, so it was difficult to overlook it, especially when his beautiful mainly acrylics and ebonite pens were visible from the distance. Once I have seen them, I knew that I won’t leave the show without one of his pens. The pen I purchased at the end was one of the first I spotted between all of these cuties. Almost like love from the first sight.

The pen is beautiful in its simplicity. This is a clipless, relatively slim cigar shaped pen, with slightly tapered ends, reminding some Japanese pens from Nakaya. It has very appealing look and beautiful line.

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Happy New Year 2017 !

Happy New Year!

First of all, I would like to thank all of you for visiting my blog, following me on Instagram and Twitter and all support and great comments, questions and queries I had over the last year. I really appreciated, and you motivate me to do more. I met hundreds of very cool and talented people which is always very inspiring. You Rock!

Last year was very busy and unexpected, since I decided to change my University job and try something  new but scientifically very exciting. Summer was crazy, since I was moving with my family to Cambridge, but things settled down and life goes on. Over last year I managed to review 70 inks in total (and  few pens I own), which gives quite nice overview of colours and brands available on the market. I am hoping that my reviews and pictures sometimes helped. I think, I found ‘my way’  of doing it but my approach still evolves, so this year I wish to be involved in various projects and do number of new things. However, if you have any requests or have something in mind, please give me a shout.

I had couple of questions recently about fountain pens I use on day basis, which is not very easy to answer since I have quite few pens and many are use periodically. However, I have few let’s call them ‘core pens’ which I use almost every day at home, at work or when I travel. So here it is with no particular order:

  1. Visconti Homo Sapiens Bronze with Palladium EF Dreamtouch nib.I bought this pen for my self as a birthday gift and I do not regret this choice at all. This pen is a stunner. The feel of the material is built, the size, weight and overall look – everything is great about this pen. Dreamtouch nib is very soft and springy and fits perfectly to my writing style. Absolutely love it.  This is actually the most expensive pen I own…so far, but is worth it. I inked it up with Diamine 150 Anniversary – Terracotta and this ink stands out with this juicy nib.

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