Handwriting – Can we improve? and HOW?

Recently I was asked many times about my still clumsy handwriting or penmanship if you like. I am really pleased that you enjoy to watch it. Thank you! Many people who contacted me or commented my posts  in here, Instagram, FB and other social media I share asked number of very interesting questions. Among them there were always the same questions regarding technique I have, other techniques, where to start, are there any resources which help, or do I have any hints, etc?

I am working on my handwriting  bit more seriously over last two – three year or so. Beforehand I use to write but my handwriting was rather choppy and chaotic and even if I thought that it looked cool from my current perspective it was awful. Obviously, this is a  natural and self critique (if stimulating) is a good thing.

When I joined Fountain Pen Network group on FB there were always many people who already show excellent handwriting skills. The person who really inspired me at the very beginning of my journey was Hector Padilla. His handwriting with fountain pens is mesmerising. The most striking thing I picked up watching him writing is the rhythm and dynamics he has. His down strokes are slower, more elaborative, whereas up strokes are much quicker and lighter at the same time.

Check Hector’s funny sounding youtube channel at (Crappy Calligraphy with an Idiot) and follow him (Inkluminati) on Twitter and Flickr where you can find loads of his handwriting examples.

The rhythm and dynamics are very important. They are as important as in music but also in drawing and painting. We humans love rhythm and  patterns and most things around as is built this way. Just look around. In penmanship dynamic and rhythm give a flavour to written words. Very closely related aspect to his is consistency. By consistency I mean couple of things like spacing between letters  but also within letters, the height and width of the letters and and the way you write them so the particular letters will not differ from each other (shape, slant height and so one).

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Black Horseman – Namisu Nova Ebonite

Black Horseman – Namisu Nova Studio Ebonite

Few days ago, as a part of collaborative group called UnitedInkdom I have received for reviewing  an interesting pen called Namisu Nova Studio Ebonite.

Namisu is a small and independent designer’s studio based in the UK close to Edinburgh who successfully run few kickstarter projects including Nova. Nova is currently available with several barrel options including titanium, aluminum and ebonite which is especially interesting. I spent few days using it  and testing  with different nib options Namisu offers.

I really like the Namisu Nova Studio pen design, which is very minimalistic. The pen adopts a ‘classic’ torpedo shape, which to some extent reminiscences some Japanese-like pens like Nakaya (Piccolo) for instance. Nothing wrong with that. I like it. It looks modern and is well refined. I already have hand made fountain pen from Twiss Pen which has very similar shape (obviously material is different). Namisu Nova fountain pen I was lucky to test is made from ebonite, which gives not only matte ‘stealthy’ look but more importantly worm , pleasant feel, which is very unique and different from  other acrylic, resin or plastic pens. The ebonite is light material. It also does not feel slippery at all and to some extend it reminds Lamy 2000. It can catch some fingerprints, but then is very easy to get rid of them using any soft cloth.

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