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I use fountain pens since I was a kid. Being at school we have been almost forced by our teacher to use them, which from the time perspective was not bad thing. Over the years fountain pens were always accompanying me. However, being chaotic and always busy, I never built up any appropriate penmanship skills. In 2012 I sadly realised, that living in the world of electronic gadgets I almost stopped using pens and most notes I did were made on my phone, notebook and tablet and even when I wrote something on sheet of paper it looked ugly, inconsistent and many times I was unable to read my writing. I decided to do something about it and return to this almost ‘ancient skill’. That how it started again, and became one of my biggest passions. Yes - I am pen a addict, but I am also interested in Calligraphy, Lettering and Penmanship, and I believe these branches of my 'hobby tree' originate from Graffiti which I was crazy about being a teenager. Among number of hobbies, I also draw and play music…well at least pretend.

I was planning to start a blog some time ago. There are two reasons why I decided to start blogging. The first reason is more pragmatic. Being a fountain pen and ink addict (but  as a 'user' rather than 'collector') I post regularly on related Facebook groups. Because some of them are closed groups the content I post is usually visible to the people signed to them. That is all right, but I think there are always other people who may be interested in my ink or pen reviews, thoughts and comments I have. I realised also, that all my posts are very scattered and posted in various places, which after short period of time it may be difficult to find them. I believe there might be some value in what I do, so why not to bring all of these pieces into one place and share withe the others? I think networking and sharing knowledge is very important and this is the second reason why I started this blog.

Professionally, I have degree in Chemistry, and currently I work as a researcher at the University of Southampton, UK. The research area I work combines X-ray crystallography, materials characterisation, bits of quantum chemistry and physics too.


Thanks for visiting my site and  I hope you would  find something interesting or maybe useful here.


Mateusz Pitak



...Let the Ink be with you!