Diamine Shimmmering inks – 2017 Edition. An overview

…Shiny…Watch me dazzle like a diamond in the rough Strut my stuff; my stuff is so… Shiny

Well, well, well….Here it is – Shimmeristic ink 2017 edition from Diamine. To be absolutely honest, I was wondering 2-3 months ago if Diamine is going to release more glittery inks this year and obviously they did. This makes now 32 shimmering inks in total, which is a lot (please check my previous reviews here and here). Is it good? well, depending on point of view. Each batch released this year and last two years offer vast selection of colours mixed with either silver or gold particles suspended in the bas ink, so everyone could easily pick favourable colour. However, if you are new to shimmering inks such large collection may be overwhelming and cause a headache if you like to pick only one.

It happens to me often with regular inks. I used to use glittery inks more in the past and I still have some favourite from both Diamine and J. Herbin 1670 series, but nowadays with my new job where such type of inks from ‘professional’ point of view inks could be inappropriate or at least feels peculiar, I am using them less. However, I still using them for various occasions usually involving card and letters writing. For many fountain pen users these are also fun to use for any type of journaling or calligraphy if you wish. Recently, De Atramentis stepped in to this pound of glittery inks with their Pearlescent series too, as well as Robert Oster. So there is loads shimmering inks in the market right now. Inks from each brand have different properties but they can also vary within series and J. Herbin 1670 series is the best example. Diamine inks are actually very consistent across the series and properties like flow, lubrication or saturation are pretty much similar. Overall these are nice inks to write with. On smooth, good quality paper they really stand up and look gorgeous. They do not feather and they do not bleed. However, on worse quality and more absorbing paper type they can and they do. This is nothing unusual since on such paper most inks do feather or bleed full stop. I found it very frustrating, especially with Celebration cards like birthday and Christmas or Easter where very often paper is far from perfect and very often fountain pen unfriendly.

Ok, this year Diamine released 10 inks and here is a quick overview how they look. There is one property I found which makes them very special this year. The shimmer but more importantly many of them show beautiful shine which adds an edge how you writing looks on the paper. Simply stunning. My picks are Arctic Blue (this shine!), Wine Divine (beautiful combination of Burgundy and gold) and Golden Ivy and Cobalt Jazz (again shine!)

Check this out!

Arctic Blue

Electric Pink

Golden Ivy

Citrus Ice

Arabic Night

Spearmint Diva

Cobalt Jazz

Wine Divine


Frosted Orchid

(*) Disclaimer/ I have no affiliation with the all brands and companies mentioned above and this short review reflects only my personal views and findings about the product. Samples of ink was provided for review purposes only free of charge by Diamine. This review is a part of the larger metareview to be found on United Inkdom

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  • alison cross

    oh gosh, LOOK AT YOUR WINE DIVINE!!! My writing sample was NOTHING like that and confirms my thought that I have not shaken the ink sufficiently to disperse the gold particles properly. Your ink review photos are proper art <3

    • admin

      Thank you Alison. Wine Divive looks divine indeed 🙂

    • admin

      Btw all samples are written on Silvine Originals paper

    • Julie Paradise

      @Alison: Or maybe, as an excuse for you, your sample simply does not contain that much shimmer particles because whoever filled it did not shake the original bottle well enough to distribute the shimmering equally.

      @Clumsy Penman: These inks look adorable and (OT) I have to chuckle every time I see your nick “Clumsy Penman” because whatever you are, clumsy it’s not! Beautiful writing and, as always, awesome pictures. Thank you!

      • admin

        Thank you Julie. I do appreciate your comments.

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  • Arly Helm

    Cobalt jazz!!