Diamine Meadow

Diamine Meadow is an interesting ink. When I got it first time I was looking for a bright, vibrant green and indeed Meadow is vibrant.  The colour reminds fresh lawn in spring. When saturated is close to lime. It has some yellow tones. on some type of paper light brown tones may be observed too.  The main attribute of Diamine Meadow is the way how this ink shades....and it shades insanely well!  This effect is very pronounced when you use the pen with broad or italic nib which gives wet, more saturated line.  However, the best effect can be obtained with flexible nib. Diamine Meadow may be considered as 'wet'  ink with decent lubrication. It dries pretty fast and does not smudge. The flow is good, so the pen with fine nib has no problems, but with  finer and dryer nibs this ink seems to be a bit too light for daily use and shading is less. Diamine Meadow is not water resistant and very easy to clean. On good quality paper like Rhodia, ClaireFontaine or Midori it performs very well, however on poorer quality copy paper may feather and bleedthrough. This ink is definitely fun to use. It looks juicy! I use it regularly for my writing exercises  with my semi-flexible ebonite FPR Triveni pen (see video here: https://www.instagram.com/p/_B4pqxs3B4/?taken-by=theclumsypenman), but for note taking and daily use it may be to bright and too light as well.