Diamine shimmering edition – Blue Lightning

Diamine Blue Lightning is one of the new inks which Diamine released in October 2015 as a Shimmering edition. When Diamine announced that they will release this collection, it caused massive excitement among fountain pen users around the globe. It seems to be Diamine’s answer to well received  J. Herbin’s 1670 collection of shimmering inks. Because of this, the expectations were pretty high and to be honest Diamine delivered a beautiful product. I have tried all the inks in this series and all are great. However, there are some bright stars on Diamine shimmery sky and Blue Lightning is one of them.

It came with pretty 50 ml bottle which reminds me a bottles of fragrance oils. The label is funny looking and match up nicely with the paper box. Silver cap emphases shimmering properties. The bottle neck isn’t wide but in contrast to J. Herbin 1670, Diamine’s bottles are  large enough to ink most pens.

Before use, this ink should be shaken well to create uniform suspension silver particles. Otherwise, all particles are sedimented on the bottom of the bottle.  Interestingly, I found easier to make such suspension with Diamine inks rather than J. Herbin inks instead.

Diamine Blue Lightning is moderately saturated ink. The color is a beautiful turquoise-blue (rather towards blues than greens). The color vary from very rich blue through turquoise towards lighter cyan regions, which makes this ink very attractive, and also easy to read.  Blue Lightning shades  (gradually) very well, which I believe is a result of such a color spread. Suspended silver particles reflect light giving beautiful shimmeristic effect (especially,when looked at certain angles) which makes this ink even more attractive and pleasing to an eye. Words look like someone sprinkled a glitter over it before ink dried out. To have this effect really well pronounced, I would recommend to use this ink with broader nibs (B, Italic of flex).

The ink seems to be quite watery and runny, but it flows on the paper well. Lubrication is good but slightly worse than J. Herbin 1670, especially Stormy Grey which gives the feel an additional lubricant added in.  The line is well saturated with the dye and shimmery particles. Again, comparing to some of J. Herbin 1670 inks Diamine Blue Lightning seems to be more consistent . Blue Lightning is not water resistant (not completely) – there is some resistance, but not much. On smooth good quality paper drying time is pretty long (especially with broader nibs). With regular size nibs is not too bad. Once dry it does not smudge and on the paper looks almost ‘rubbery’ and it gives funny feeling that you can peel it off letter by letter.

One bottle costs around $ 20.0 in US and around £ 9.0 in the UK.

Wrapping up… Diamine Blue Lightning is a lovely looking turquoise-blue ink. It is really fun to write with and very pleasant to use. It looks great for example on birthday or Christmas cards. Highly recommends to any ink lover!