Diamine Shimmering Edition – Firestorm Red

Continuing my journey with new set of Diamine Shimmering inks released in October 2016, I ended up with another interesting ink called Firestorm Red.

Last year Diamine released another red ink containing suspended gold flecks called Red Lustre, which gained its popularity for good reason. The new acquisition, Firestorm Red is much different from the older sister, which is good. The base colour is vivid scarlet red, much brighter compared to the base colour used for Red Lustre. It reminds another popular Diamine ink – Poppy Red, however suspended silver particles are changing this ink a lot. Similarly to other inks from the Diamine Shimmering series the glittery, sparkly effect is fully apparent to the point where ink gets dry. Because suspended flecks are silver, the final effect reminds ‘frost’, which looks great in my opinion. I guess if you dip a poppy into liquid nitrogen and take it off and allow moisture from the air to condensate on the petals, then the effect will be similar….I guess. To me ‘firestorm’ resembles heat, whereas Firestorm Red feels cold, especially compared to Red Lustre, which thanks to gold flecks felt pleasantly warm.

The base colour is pretty uniform, but on lighter strokes Diamine Firestorm Red exhibits some shading…but not to much compared to Inferno Orange fir instance.

The properties and writing experience is fairly similar to other inks in the entire series. In general, Firestorm Red  flows well and writing is pleasant. I had no problems with standard pens like Lamy Safari I tried with various nib sizes. However, Diamine  ink is not that lubricating like for instance J. Herbin – Rouge Hematite, so if you like to use it with Noodler’s Ahab (or similar) it may need to be primed prior to writing.

Similarly to other inks in the series the drying time is rather moderate. It dries much quicker on more absorbing paper (  about 5-6 sec), whereas it may take significantly longer (even up to 30 sec) with wet nibs.

The price tag for 50 ml bottle vary from country to country and in the UK where is produced it costs around £ 9.0 which is very good, whereas in the US the price oscillates around $ 20.0.  Elsewhere in the EU it costs about 11.50 Eur. 

Concluding, I really enjoyed new Diamine –  Firestorm Red ink. This is very pleasant red and the presence of silver shimmer makes this ink to look very attractive. Because Christmas time is coming soon, I would definitely recommend it to use for Christmas greetings cards, gift cards, etc. Together with the other sparkling ink from Diamine called Magical Forest, it will create the most beautiful and magical Christmassy ink-combo ever!