Diamine Shimmering Edition – Golden Sands

Golden Sands is the next ink from Diamine’s Shimmering Edition. To be absolutely honest it was the first one I bought as a full bottle few months ago when the entire series was announced. Initially, I was pretty skeptic about it because is is so gold and can’t be use for daily writing, but I knew that I will find for it a place in my collection and its destiny will be different than the others.

Thinking about inks which ‘shimmers’, a Diamine Golden Sands is ‘an essence’ what they are. Golden Sands is all about fun, glitter and sparkles.

The base colour of this ink is yellow/amber depending on amount of ink used. Wet, it reminds me a carmelised sugar, which is yummy!   What really makes this ink looks gold are suspended golden particles. Once it dries it opens a completely new world of joy. The swabs I did look just insane. It also kinda looks like sandy beach in a hot summer.  Maybe the saturation of the yellow ink itself is pretty low, but saturation of golden particles is actually very high. Every time I agitate the bottle it puts a smile on my face, because it looks so cool. It has some funny ‘oily’ feel when mixed. Unfortunately, particles sediment rather quickly, so I would recommend to shake bottle vigorously just before refill and the agitate pen gently before use. I would also recommend to prime the feed too. There is no problems with starting in general but when primed there will be more golden particle in the feed are ready to go.  Interestingly, Golden Sands shades very well and golden particles enhances it. However, ink is not water resistant and small amount of water wash most of it. Is relatively easy to clean a pane after, but getting rid of all golden particles which deposit on a feed may take some time.

The overall flow is good and ink writes well. To obtain maximum ‘shimmeristic’ effect I would definitely recommend to use Golden Sands with a flexible nib or at least wet broad or italic nib. Of course it will shine with medium or fine too, but again with wider line it look so so amazing. As the other inks in the Diamiane series it performs well, without any problems with starting (no clogging) and feathering or bleedthrough on decent paper, however I have seen a little bit of these on cheaper copy paper. It looks great on Rhodia, Midori, ClaireFontaine and Muji paper. Interestingly, despite of its yellow tone I like how it looks on ivory (or toned) paper.  Drying time is unfortunately rather long, especially with wet pen is used on smooth paper. Personally, this does not bother me, I use this ink only for fun, playing with my clumsy penmanship and calligraphy. Possibly wedding invitations would look glamorous addressed with this ink. For daily writing…..I don’t think so, unless someone’s job is hand lettering.

It comes in 50 ml bottles. One bottle costs around $ 20.0 in US and around £ 9.0 in the UK.

Highly recommended to all these who like ‘FUN-factor’ and are not afraid to play with inks and pens.


  • This one is my fav from Diamine Shimmertastic line 🙂 Your photos look wild!!! 💛