Diamine Shimmering Edition – Inferno Orange

Few weeks ago Diamine has been testing and finally released a new set of 12 shimmering inks to accompany well acclaimed 10 inks introduced last year (see review of all ) and extending this family to 22 inks in total. This is quite vast palette of different colours containing  inks with both gold and silver flecks, which gives a lot of choices to be picked up

The mysteriously sounding  Inferno Orange is the one of the new set. My first impression was – That looks hot!   and it does indeed. Suspended golden particles increases this effect even more and give pleasant, warm feel which I like. The base colour is very vivid and bright orange, somehow very similar to another Diamine ink from their standard lineup called Pumpkin. Is it the same ink? I am not sure but on the paper both look pretty close. However, once shaken, Inferno Orange transforms to something very cool. Once you draw a wet juicy line with it starts to ‘shimmer’, which is something very appealing. It is lovely to watch how golden flecks are spinning and turning within the ink giving an impression that this inks is alive!   Characteristic to Diamine Shimmering edition ink’s surface tension and the ‘oily’ feel increases this impression.  When it dries the shiny component becomes more visible and starts to dominate. As I mentioned before reviewing the previous set of Diamine Shimmering inks, when is dry, especially on smooth paper like Rhodia, the it gives the impression that the written word or letters can be peeled off the sheet, almost very thin layer of teflon. This just makes these inks to stand out. It looks really good when you write greeting cards or invitations (assuming the paper you use is adequate). Obviously, on more absorbing paper this effect is much less, since ink penetrates paper deeper.

Another cool thing about Inferno Orange is the fact, that the base ink shades and it does it very well. Again, as a rule of thumb, smoother and less absorbing paper – gives better results. 

In general Diamine Inferno Orange performs well. The flow, and lubrication is similar to the other inks released last year. Very consistent performance across the series unlike analogous J.Herbin 1670 inks which vary from ink to ink. Diamine inks  are less lubricating than those from J Herbin, but as a result they do not penetrate paper so much which means less unnecessary bleeding through or feathering on cheaper paper. I had no starting problems using it with Lamy Safari, where even having a pen in a tray upside down (nib up) for a week it wrote on the paper straight on.  Pens like Noodler’s Ahab, which I like to use for these inks because they are easy to clean, cheap and produce thick, juicy line which emphases shimmering effect even more are not that easy to use with this ink (and other in the series). The flow is much worse compare to for instance J. Herbin -Rouge Hematite or Stormy Grey and the pen needs to be primed much often. Ahab’s can really railroad with Diamine Shimmering inks.  Other than that, I have no issues with Inferno Orange. Drying time with standard pen/nib combination is average – ca. 4-6 sec on copy paper and 12-15 sec on Rhodia color notepad . Nevertheless, with wet or/and semi-flexible nibs it takes significantly longer up to 30 sec. Inferno Orange is not water resistant in general, however some of it may remain especially on more absorbing paper and the text can be still readable.  

The saturation of the golden particles is rather high, however it is recommended to ‘shake’ the bottle to obtain uniform ink/flecks suspension before you ink the pen. I would personally recommend to rotate or turn pen gently upside down few times before use and I would also recommend to use this ink with easy to maintain pens. Cleaning a feeder from the golden particles can takes time. 

The price tag for 50 ml bottle vary from country to country and in the UK where is produced it costs around £ 9.0 which is very good, whereas in the US the price oscillates around $ 20.0.  Elsewhere in the EU it costs about 11.50 Eur.

If you like shiny, sparkly and festive inks (especially orange) this will be for you. For day-to-day writing it possibly would not be a good choice, unless you fancy. However, it is perfect for invitations, greetings cards, diaries and all these funny stuff you can do with it.


(*) For the review purposes, free of charge sample was kindly send by ‘Scribble’ at United Inkdom . 

(**) All comments in this review reflects only my personal views and observations.