Diamine Shimmering Edition – Magenta Flash

Magenta Flash is the second ink of new set of Diamine Shimmering Inks Edition I received for testing (thanks to Scribble at United Inkdom). In the previous set released last year Diamine has offered absolutely fabulous and well acclaimed dark Purple Pazzazz which contained gold particles. This year Diamine prepared bright magenta ink with suspended silver flecks. 

The base colour looks similar to another Diamine inks like Deep Magenta or Bougainvillea from their ‘Flowers box set’. However, once shaken, the presence of suspended silver flecks is changing this colour dramatically. When is drying on the paper, particles spins around showing pretty shimmering effect. Once it dries completely, silver flecks give an impression of frost covering ink. Pretty cool effect which could be observed in the other shimmering inks from Diamine like Blue Lightning, Night Sky or Magical Forest. But there is something else which makes this ink even more interesting – greenish sheen. Great thing about this sheen is that is noticeable not only on highly ink saturated swatches but also when you write with fountain pen forming pretty, shiny outline which gives additional dimension to writing. This effect is more apparent on smoother paper. The base ink gives some shading which is a nice addition too. 

Diamine – Magenta Flash flows fairly well (depending on pen and paper),  and gives nice writing experience. With some pens may feel a bit on the dry side, but this is likely caused by its ‘oily’ feel. Interestingly, compare to the other inks from new series I tried, Magenta Flash seems to penetrate paper deeper and on some types of paper may show through or even gently bleed though too. Similarly to other inks in the series the drying time is moderate, much quicker on absorbing paper (5-6 sec) and significantly slower when wet or flexible nib is used (even up to 30 sec). 

Magenta Flash is not water resistant, however even after serious wash some residual ink remains.

The price tag for 50 ml bottle vary from country to country and in the UK where is produced it costs around £ 9.0 which is very good, whereas in the US the price oscillates around $ 20.0.  Elsewhere in the EU it costs about 11.50 Eur. 

Concluding, colour wise Diamine – Magenta Flash is not quite up to my taste, I must say (still prefer Purple Pazzazz). If feels too bright and ‘pinky’ for me, however silver shimmer and green sheen makes this ink  interesting and quite unique. I am pretty sure there are many people who wanted something brighter than dark Purple Pazzazz, would love to use Magenta Flash, which easily could be applied in diaries,  used for fun doodling or  simply to write fancy looking  greetings cards or envelopes. 

(*) All comments in this review reflects only my personal views and observations.


  • MarlaBee

    Your reviews are thorough~and your control on each pen is so beautiful! All in all . . . kinda’ great! Thanks for all the time and effort you obviously apply to your craft. We’re no doubt better fountain pen parents because of your posts!

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  • Julie Paradise

    Wow, what a beautiful colour! Thanks for the review and great photos!