Kaweco – Ruby Red

Another ink in  the series of Kaweco inks I got for reviewing purposes is Ruby Red. When I opened the sample vial and I did few brush strokes on the swab card (watercolour paper), my hard started pounding faster. The intensity of deep vibrant red  was is amazing. My first reaction was: Oh Man, look at this! So cool! And indeed, Kaweco Ruby Red looks great. It is not just another red ink. I must admit I love red inks, but because I do, I am also very picky about them, especially when I want to use them on day basis. When the first ‘Wow’ decay I was very curious how it look on the paper once it dries and paper absorbs it. Well, it looks good too. Depending on coverage the colour varies from rich vibrant red , which feels almost velvet like towards magenta-pink tones in the areas where the ink layer was rather thin. The same may be observed with the writing samples. Wet, juicy pens (and nibs) forms beautiful and rich red line (especially with the flexible nib), whereas line made with the finer nibs tends to show settle pink/magenta tones.  Kaweco – Ruby Red shades a little and the gradual variation of colour follows the same trend. On down stokes line is rich red and then gradually became almost pink with the much lighter up stroke. Personally, colour of this ink reminds me red rose petals, however magenta undertone as not that apparent as in the  beautiful  Noodler’s Ottoman Rose ink. The colour matches perfectly with one of the acrylic pens from Twiss Pens I purchased recently. 

The consistency of Kaweco ink seems to be watery (at least how it feels), but actually this is fairly well saturated ink. Ink flows well through pen and I had no problems with hard starting, but with finer nibs it may feel on the dry side. Thus,  writing experience is rather nice and smooth. I have no complains here. Drying time is rather moderate (10-15 sec), but depending greatly on paper and pen used. on smoother paper and wet nib it takes significantly longer to dry. It does not smear, which is great.I have not noticed any problems with feathering or bleeding through, on good quality smooth paper, but these ma occur with cheap and thin, well absorbing paper. Is rather not water resistant. When diluted, magenta hues are more visible.

Concluding, this is definitely a red ink I can use daily for editing and corrections. I really enjoyed it. Is not that ‘screamy red’ as many other inks, but still distinctive. If you are not into red inks, especially these with strong magenta/pink component, than Kaweco Ruby Red may not be for you. Otherwise, I think this is a good well saturated ink, which gives some color variation and can fully recommend it. 

It is available as a pack of 6 small cartridges (aprox $ 3.0 USA, Eur 1.6 and £ 1.75) as well as 30 ml bottles (aprox. $ 14.0, £ 12.5 ).


(*) All comments in this review reflects only my personal views and observations.

For the review purposes, free of charge sample was kindly send by ‘Scribble’ at United Inkdom where larger ‘metareview’  of all Kaweco inks will be posted soon.