Kaweco – Summer Purple

Kaweco is a German company which is very well known for the manufacturing characteristic and affordable fountain pens, however is much less known for their inks. For many years inks made by the fountain pen brands quite often were considered as generic with very narrow palette of colors. This has changed an nowadays Fountain pen companies have much much more to offer and some like Pilot or Parker are producing one of the best inks out there. Kaweco offers nine colours which cover pretty wide range.

To distinguish their products in the market, Kaweco uses enigmatic and fancy sounding names of their products too. Otherwise, we would end up with another set of blue, red, green or purple inks, rather than cool sounding names like Sunrise Orange or Paradise Blue. The one I would like to summarise today is called – Summer Purple. I am not entirely sure what Kaweco meant by that name but for me purple in the summer is related mainly to things like aubergine (or eggplant), pansies (viola tricolur) , lavender or blueberries. Interestingly, Kaweco Summer Purple fits to all of them well. 

Fresh Summer Purple looks very juicy and rich purple-black (especially on wet paper) and reminds squeezed blueberries. Dark purple aubergines are close enough too. There are purple, magenta and pink hues present. When it dries, the colour becomes flatter and less vivid. I have noticed some degree of sheen, especially where ink  has high dye concentration. Sheen is a common feature among purple/violet inks. With wet, broad or semiflexibe pens, Kaweco Summer Purple looks dark purple-black, whereas using it with dryer nibs, the colour is much lighter  almost lilac or lavender like and shows a little bit of shading. This is more like gradual colour variation, but still, the effect is quite appealing. 

Kaweco Summer Purple has pretty good properties. It looks dark but in fact is rather moderately saturated. As other Kaweco inks I tried it feels watery (well…believe is water based ink anyway), a bit diluted and thin, but actually not too bad. It flows well and I had no problems with starting or skipping using various pens and nibs. It dries fairly fast. On more absorbing paper almost instantly, whereas on smoother paper like Rhodia or Clairefontaine it takes 10-15 sec using medium nib. Obviously, with semiflexible nibs it may take significantly longer to dry. It does not smudge afterwards.

I have not noticed any significant feathering or bleeding through on most paper types I tried. It it not too bad on copy paper either. It may show through a little, but this mainly depends on the paper thickness, and the fact that this ink looks quite dark. Summer Purple is not water resistant, but because it penetrates through  paper well, even serious wash is not taking it off completely, which is not bad at all. 

I  enjoyed Kaweco’s purple ink. This is nice ink and colour, but in my opinion is not bringing anything new and fresh to the table when compared to other inks in this colour range available. However, if you are looking for decent looking muted  darker purple ink (which I personally like), than Kaweco product is the way to go. However, ff you looking for something very vivid and rich, then I think there are better inks out there. 

Similar inks: J. Herbin – Poussiere de Lune, Noodler’s Purple Vampum, KWZ – pink brown.

It is available as a pack of 6 small cartridges (aprox $ 3.0 USA, Eur 1.6 and £ 1.75) as well as 30 ml bottles (aprox. $ 14.0, £ 12.5 ), which I found  quite expensive for such a small bottle of ink. 


(*) For the review purposes, free of charge sample was kindly send by ‘Scribble’ at United Inkdom . 

(**) All comments in this review reflects only my personal views and observations.