KWZ Ink – Brown Pink

I really struggled with KWZ – Brown Pink ink. Not because this is a bad ink. Not at all. This ink is exceptionally good. The reason is the colour, which I found extremely  difficult to qualify. In my opinion is nor brown or pink, and also it does not seem to be a mixture of these two either…at least is not so obvious. The base colour is leaning more towards burgundy purple range, however these quite often are pretty vibrant and lively colours, whereas KWZ inks is rather toned down, more subtle or grayed out. I would not say that is less  saturated, because in fact, this is fairly saturated ink. But comparing to many other inks the colour is less vibrant. On a paper, dry, especially with finer nibs it looks quite flat (but not washed out). But in this case this is an advantage, because it gives impression that it can be used in most circumstances, which I often find difficult with more ‘typical’ purplish inks.

Looking on tests where colours separate out, is clear that the body is composed of dark brownish magenta which diluted gives more pink like tones and compromised by some amount blues. Pretty cool combination which works well. Used with broad and flexible nibs the line looks very rich and dark indeed. On white paper it looks more purple like, whereas brown-like shades may be noticed on ivory or yellow toned paper. However, I would never classify this inks with other brown inks. I must say the colour of KWZ ink looks somehow natural, which I love, but difficult to match with anything. How bizarre? The same with inks, I could not find any ink to be very close. In few more reviews of this ink people noticed the same think about this ink – not easy… There is some aubergine or dark grapes or plums feel to it. Definitely, the colour of KWZ brown pink is unique and worthy to have in the collection of inks for this reason. 

The ink performs very well, which is quite characteristic for all KWZ inks I tested so far. The flow is good and writing experience is very pleasant. It feels soft, unlike many other water based inks which often feel dry. This ink has very balanced feel. No starting problems or skipping.  The lubrication is moderate but adequate. It works quite well on lesser quality paper which many will appreciate. Does not feather on most sensible quality paper and also does not bleed through. On thin paper some ghosting may be spotted, but it is not surprising, once inks is fairly dark.

It does shade a bit which is nice touch, but I have noticved it rather with medium or fine nibs. With wet flexible nibs, line is very dye rich and dark. KWZ brown pink is not water resistant at all, and few passes of  water washes most of the ink out. On the down side, similarly to many other inks from KWZ it has very specific smell, which many people do not like and may be tiring after longer writing session. Otherwise, KWZ brown pink is a very good ink with amazing and very unique color, which I absolutely adore. Highly recommended. Well done KWZ.

This ink as the other from the very large family of colors are not widely available, but can be obtained easily from popular online retailers in Europe as well as overseas (BureauDirect, who have them exclusively in the UK, then Appelboom  in Netherlands or  Vanness Incorporated in the US). They may be ordered directly form KWZ too.  The price (around £ 13.0 UK, $ 13.0 Canada or 10.0 Eur) seems to be fair for 60 ml bottle of good ink.


(*) Disclaimer/ I have no affiliation with the all brands and companies mentioned above and this short review reflects only my personal views and findings about the product.