Lamy Black

Lamy Black may be qualified as a standard black ink. Is not that super black like Noodler’s Hart of Darkness or X-feather, but is much less intense reminding inks like Parker Quink black or Waterman black instead.  The dye saturation reflects this, once Lamy’s black looks more watery and slightly diluted compared to mentioned above Noodler’s inks. This is not necessarily a bad thing, because on the paper it shows some color/tone variety related to its consistency and constitution. When you look on ‘chromatography’ test or on ‘wet swab’ test, you will notice that Lamy Black is not ‘just a black’ ink. There is a bit of magenta undertones present which is not that uncommon among simillar black inks I noticed and something which surprises me the most -an intriguing gray-gold component which may be visible once ink became dry.  Maybe is not very obvious, however it is there.  It is almost like a sheen, but not entirely.  I can see it when I use Brause 5.0 mm italic nib which produced bold thick line or just a little if I use wet, flexible nib. With finer nibs I did not observe it at all, but what you may notice instead is a it of shading, especially when smoother paper is used (Rhodia for instance). This is consistent with other Lamy inks I tested. All show some degree of shading and I believe this is caused by wet/watery consistency they all have. With wet flexible nibs this Lamy ink looks plain ‘matte’ black.

Lamy Black has decent flow but not great. I would say it is all right in most circumstances. Drying time is actually good on most types of paper (of course it dries quicker on more absorbing paper). The water resistance is not bad at all, especially on more absorbing paper.  Additionally, it does not feather and does not bleed through except poor quality, cheap paper on which most fountain pen inks do anyway. On most office-type copy paper  it is performing reasonably well.

For my personal purposes I rather prefer darker well saturated inks, so if you are looking for solid black ink Lamy Black isn’t for you. However, I believe it will fit well most people, especially for regular day-to-day writing. It is also inexpensive and very easy to maintain.


* The free inks samples (cartridges) were kindly provided by BureauDirect UK  (