Lamy – Copper Orange

Copper Orange is the ink which Lamy has introduced some time ago in 2015 as an addition to the special edition of their fountain pen called Copper Orange as well.

Even if many people who tasted or used this ink before me stated that this is just another orange ink in the market and there is nothing special about it, I completely disagree and try to explain why in this short review.

So, yes Lamy – Copper Orange is an orange ink. True. This is not that bright and vivid orange ink as Diamine Pumpkin and not that rich in red as Private Reserve – Orange Crush. It has yellow component which makes it lighter that Diamine Ancient Copper and places Copper Orange in line with inks like Diamine Autumn Oak, J. Herbin – Orange Indien or one I reviewed recently – Kaweco Sunrise Orange which really seems to be very close when compared side by side.  The colour of Lamy’s Copper Orange is getting close to famous for it’s shading properties Noodler’s Apache Susnet, however in the Noodler’s ink yellow is even more prominent which obviously resulting in its spectacular properties.

So, now you may ask: Hold on dude…so far it seems that Lamy Copper Orange is another orange as many others. Isn’t it? 

And here is the trick. Lamy has added something, tiny particles or something which I do not know what it is which mimic metallic feel of the Copper as such and beautifully matches with the metallic look of the Special Edition Al-Star pen. These shiny bits seem to be much smaller that golden or silver flecks used in the Diamine shimmering Edition inks (or J. Herbin 1670 series). At some certain light conditions, it resemble dust and gives interesting rusty feel, which I really like. More than this, Lamy Copper Orange shows quite peculiar bright yellow-green/light gold sheen, which is fairly discrete but enough to add an extra dimension, especially on some smooth and good quality paper where it creates cool looking outline in the written text.    

Similarly to other orange inks with significant yellow undertones, Lamy Copper Orange exhibits nice shading but again not that spectacular as Noodler’s Apache sunset ink. The orange component is actually well saturated. The ink itself feels smooth and consistent. Writing experience is pleasant. I tested it with different size nibs with Lamy Safari fountain pen and I have not noticed any problems with flow. It worked well. With semiflexible nib on Noodler’s Ahab pen Lamy Copper Orange performs well too. I quite like darker and more dye saturated line made with wet nib. In general Copper Orange has fairly similar properties to other inks in the Lamy range, which actually are pretty good on most type of paper used. It may show some bleeding through poor quality and cheap absorbing paper like generic copy paper, but there are not many inks out there  which don’t. The drying time depends greatly on the paper, but seems normal in my opinion. Lamy Copper Orange is not water resistant.

Because Copper Orange is a Special Edition ink, is not that widely available, however large online retailers may still have it mainly as a pack of Lamy’s cartridges or if you lucky as a 50 ml bottle – but these are very rare and difficult to find.

Big Thank to Mishka @ BureauDirect,UK for providing a free sample pack of Lamy Copper Orange cartridges for this review. 


(*) Disclaimer/ I have no affiliation with the all brands and companies mentioned above and this short review reflects only my personal views and findings about the product.