Lamy Dark Lilac

Dark Lilac is the brand new ink from Lamy to accompany long awaited and finally released a new 2016 Special Edition Lamy Safari Dark Lilac fountain pen.

So what is a Dark Lilac ink all about, especially when Lamy has already very pretty Violet ink in their offer? Well,  first of all it matches perfectly the new pen (series). Dark Lilac is much darker and richer purple than Violet and in my opinion is less ‘girly’ looking. The closest ink I would think of is Diamine Purple Pazzazz (except shimmering effect). It is very interesting in terms colour composition. The main body is purple but there are also pink, magenta and blue components too. There is something else there what makes this ink super cool – Dark Lilac shines and it does it well! Whatever is causing it, the golden shine is visible not only on well saturated swab tests but also when diffused in water creating superb visual effect. The shine may be also noticed with flexible nib is used. It adds a shiny edge to the written line, especially where nib tines creates shallow rails in a paper. I have noticed it also with a broad nib but much less. There is something ‘dark’ about this ink. The dark rich purple colour reminds me a vampire’s cape velvety inner part…Dracula thing. I need to ask my colleague what she thinks about it, but I have the feeling that being a ‘Goth-person’  she will absolutely love it!

The best of Dark Lilac‘s colour  I got using broad or medium nib. The 1.1mm Lamy italic nib gave nice purple line too. However, (apart of nice looking shine), line produced by flexible nib was too dark…feels almost black. Lamy Dark Lilac is very well saturated ink. I think this is the most saturated ink Lamy has in their offer. Despite of its ‘smoking in the water‘ well saturated deep purple colour, it  gives some shading too.  The flow and lubrication is good. No problems with feathering or show through on good or standard quality paper types, but noticeable on cheap 90g/m2 Xerox copy paper. Ink is not water resistant and easy to clean.

I really enjoyed the ink itself and writing using this ink. My Lamy Safari I use for testing inks went smoothly across the paper with all types of Lamy nibs I tried. Honestly, I am really struggling to find anything bad about this ink. Lamy did very good job with Dark Lilac and I would recommend it to everyone. It looks stunning on ivory toned paper.

My free samples, kindly provided for testing by BureauDirect, UK)  came as a pack of  five T10 cartridges.  However, 50 ml bottles of Dark Lilac  are available too.

  • This is very cool. Very.

    • clumsypenman

      Thank you Mike!