Lamy – Neon Coral

Catching up with Lamy inks in my collection, I got some time ago, thanks to Mishka from BureauDirect, UK a pack of freebie Lamy – Neon Coral cartridges. Lamy – Neon Coral ink was released some time ago to accompany a 2014 Special Edition of Lamy Safari  – also called Neon Coral

The color in general is a very very bright redish pink, or even orange- pink, which may look slightly different depending on paper used and light conditions. It reminds Lamy Red, but Neon Coral is definitely brighter and again more towards orange undertones rather than Lamy Red is more like scarlet red and pink combo. Interestingly, both show interesting yellow/gold sheen, which on good quality paper may be noticeable, especially on the line edge giving very cool look.   Unfortunately, computer screen and camera can’t really reflect the bright ‘neony’ colour of this ink. It shades a bit in more gradient manner, so the finer line on lighter strokes is more pink compare to very bright and saturated thicker line.

It looks exceptional when drops of it are diffused in the water and reflects light showing stunning firely effect.

Neon Coral, similarly to other inks in the Lamy family, feels watery and maybe on the dryer side, but to be absolutely honest it flows very well, and I quite enjoyed the way it writes. Additionally, it performs well on most paper types. Can’t complain.  The ink is water based, and as expected is not water resistant.

I found quite difficult to judge this inks, simply because this ink is simply not to may personal taste. Is way to bright and flashy.  I would probably pick the Lamy Red instead, simply because is more readable and reliable. I can’t imagine using this pen on daily basis, for note taking, etc. However, I believe there is many people who would love to use this pen for casual writing in journals, diaries, calendars and so on.  It may perfectly work for highlighting text too. 

This is a 2014 ink edition, however if you fancy this colour, Lamy – Neon Coral is still available. I should not be difficult to find it as a box of 5 Lamy T10 cartridges (about £ 1.8 in the UK). It was released as bottled version, but it will be very difficult to find it. 


(*) Disclaimer/ I have no affiliation with the all brands and companies mentioned above and this short review reflects only my personal views and findings about the product.