Lamy Turquoise

When I received seven free samples of Lamy ink for reviewing and testing (kindly provided by BureauDirect UK  (, turquoise immediately caught my eye. The thing with turquoise ink is tat they all look lovely  when wet in the bottle or just splattered here and there. This one is no exception. I can watch it and watch it all over again. Doing ink into water diffusion and swab test is a pleasure to an eyes. Unfortunately, when dry on the paper turquoise inks (with some exceptions) are looking good but not that attractive as wet. Anyway, the color is turquoise and seems to be a mixture of beautiful cerulean blue with cyan hues. This is especially noticeable on diffusion test and on ink ‘chromatography’. Here is one very interesting thing about this ink and it’s color (some other turquoise inks have the same). Depending on light conditions it may looks more towards blues (sunny day light or bright led), however with worst light conditions (fluorescent halogen light, yellow diffused light) color lean more toward green spectrum. It seems to be very close to J. Herbin Bleu Pevenche and slightly lighter and bore blueish than Diamine Havasu TurquoiseDiamine Aqua blue may be very close competitor as well.

Apart of pretty color, is it anything interesting about this Lamy ink? Yes, indeed – it has beautiful shading properties. The shading is well pronounced on smoother, less absorbing paper (Rhodia, Midori, etc) and using broader nibs. However, even with finer nibs shading is pretty noticeable. Fine lines are more cyan whereas broader lines are more blue. Within same line shading seem to be rather discrete than gradual. In terms of sheen, there is a little, but noticeable only as a magenta-like outline and mostly with flexible nibs. You may notice it on swab test presented in the gallery below.

Lamy Turquoise is similarly to the other Lamy inks in the family rather wet, watery ink. The flow and lubrication is average, but writing experience is pleasant. Ink itself is medium saturated. On the paper feels rather light which for many fountain pen users may not be the best option for daily use, but I am pretty sure there is lots of turquoise ink lovers out there. Personally, I found it great to play with and doodle. There is almost none water resistance, do ease of cleaning pens afterwards is great.

Lamy turquoise comes in very handy bottle equipped with roll of blotting paper. I got 5-pcs standard cartridge pack.

Price tag: 50 ml bottles are around £ 5.50-6.50 in the UK and around $ 10.50 in the USA seems to be pretty inexpensive for such a nicely shading ink.   5- cartridges packs cost around  1.60-1.80 in the UK, whereas in USA price is $ 4.50