Monteverde Blue Black

Slowly but firmly I am approaching last few inks from Monteverde offer. Well, except blue-black, which I will talk about today and pure black which will be next, there are two special cases of fluorescent inks, which I am treating rather like completely different special cases to be discussed at this blog.

I believe most ink manufacturers have at least one nor blue and nor black ink for customers who do not necessary like plain colours. I would not say standard colour, since blue-black seems to be a standard colour fir inks too. Monteverde blue black ink is one of these and both blue and black base components are clearly visible. However, reviewing Monteverde inks since last few weeks I have noticed interesting characteristic they all have in common (with some exceptions). For each color the constitution is much more complex and various different components often are accompanying the base colors. Sometimes they are very unexpected for particular final colour. Motneverde Blue black fits nicely to this rebellious family. Apart of obvious blue and black components there is significant amount of grey and to my surprise hint of light turquoise blue (please see how this ink separates on wet tissue and rough filtering paper. Proper chromatography test was done and presented it the another great review by Gorgeous Ink – please check). In my opinion this ink looks blue-black as it states (especially on smooth paper), however on rougher and absorbing paper grey tones may dominate the overall shade, giving the first impression like: Oh my God this ink looks so grey! … Possibly ‘cloudy’ or ‘stormy’  grey is more like it, which other people who tested it noticed it as well.  Lamy blue-black I reviewed recently seems to be fairly close. Another ink which came in my mind I haven’t reviewed yet but I used for years is Parker Quink blue-black too.

Monteverde Blue-black has similar to other inks from Monteverde watery and thin feel. The colour is moderately saturated and again similar to other brothers and sisters in the Monteverde family it shades well, but the scale of it greatly depends on nib/pen and paper combination. The flow is generally fine, but with some fine nibs it may feel slightly on a ‘dry’ side, but again this also depends on pen and how well feeding system keeps up with the particular type of ink. Drying time is average 10-15 seconds and slightly longer on smooth paper, whereas on rougher types it takes about 5 seconds – not bad. Once it is dry, no smudging occurs. Monteverde blue-black does not feather or bleed through on standard or better quality paper, however this may happen on cheaper types. Again, very similar to other Monteverde inks.

Overall, this is decent blue-black ink for everyone who likes this type of color. It can be easily used for daily writing and note taking. Additional pretty shading  is a positive feature too.


(*) Free sample cartridges of Monteverde Blue-Black were kindly provided by Bureau Direct, UK.