Sailor Jentle – Souten

When few weeks ago I have finished a bottle of my beloved Pilot Iroshizuku Kon-Peki, I was wondering what next ink I can use instead for most of my day-to-day writing. Seeing quite few inks since last few months I had few choices especially between Pelikan’s Edelstein – Topaz and Sailor’s Jentle – Souten. I flipped a coin and the lucky choice turned to be a Sailor’s ink.

Sailor Jentle – Souten (Azure Sky) belongs to ‘Four Season’ series inks. It becomes a natural successor of another but discontinued Sailor’s  ink called Sky High.

Souten is an another bright cerulean blue ink similar to famous Pilot Iroshizuku Kon-Peki. However, similar not necessary means the same. Souten is a bit darker and more saturated than Kon-Peki, somehow toward royal blue type of inks, but at the same time is nor an ordinarily looking blue ink.  It shows some degree of shading, especially on smoother paper type. With very wet nibs that shading is less pronounced, but something really eye-catching starts to appear. This is a beautiful red/magenta sheen which  in my opinion is amazing! Kon-peki has the same beautiful feature but much less. All Sailor inks I tested or used shine. I really like this  especially when write with flexible nibs. The red sheen gives an ‘edge’ to the line and your writing will look more attractive – for sure.

Sailor Jentle inks are well known for their excellent performance and Souten is not different in this respect. It flows smoothly across the paper and it does well even with poor quality paper. Th lubrication is great! It feels almost that ink ‘sticks’ to the metal surface of the nib. I love when inks do that. It dries quickly on the paper but it may also dry in the feed. With my TWSBI Vac Mini equipped with semiflexible steel nib I need to prime the pen from time to time. I never had this problem and this pen when I used it with Kon-Peki. Otherwise, Sailor Jentle Souten is very well performing.

Souten is available with 50 ml bottles. I really like these bottles. They have wide neck which makes most of the pens fill easily. However, when you open the bottle, you will find a small plastic cone inside which suppose to help out filling process, but in fact is pretty much useless with most pens I have (larger nibs). I will always recommend to use tweezers and take it out and dispose. The bottle on it own is good enough, though.

Sailor Souten is not cheap but still cheaper than Kon-peki. It costs about  £ 16.0 in the UK and $ 18.0 – 20.o in USA.

Overall, I think this is a great ink and I would recommend it to every one. It is perfect for daily/business use as well as for personal. Color is superb and ink performs very well.

On thing about Sailor inks. All I tried including Souten have very distinctive chemical smell, which not necessarily is to everyone’s taste. I do not mind personally and actually like it.