Lamy 2000 – when utility and design come together

There are possibly not many pens around which original idea and original design last since it was created and seems to be timeless.  Lamy 2000 is one of these pens. I was designed in mid 1960’s in Germany and it’s unusual design  was highly influenced by Bauhaus and German modernism revival that time. It represents more than 50 years of  German modernity, and its sleek, contemporary design become a ‘classic’ in the word of fountain pens, nowadays. Lamy 2000 ages well…or wait a minute …this pen design actually is not ageing at all! Still looks very modern and represents high manufacturing quality and is a class on its own. Its unique design is closely related to it’s utility functions and it works with purpose.  With no doubt, Lamy 2000 is one of the most popular fountain pens all the time.  ( Here you can find much more about history and design of Lamy 2000 )


Lamy 2000 was on my radar for quite a while, but not being a very big fan of less expensive Lamy line like Safari or Al-Star, I was always pushed back and undecided, especially knowing that this is not a very cheap fountain pen. The price vary. In the UK I have seen it for £ 150.0 but some retailers have it for £ 100.00, which actually is a very good price. In the USA price osculates too between $ 110.0 and  $ 160.0. However, the price is very easy to justify. The design, materials (including 14k gold nib) and finish are superb. When I touched this pen first time  my ultimate reaction was – WOW! This feels pretty cool !

The pen is made from brushed black fibreglass (Makrolon® ) and brushed stainless steel, which make this pen very solid and very comfortable to hold. Because is brushed all way through, it is not slippery at all. The transition between the barrel and steel grip section as well as transition between barrel and  feeling mechanism knob at the top is flawless and in fact very difficult to notice under the fingers. Very impressive, I must say.

This is rather moderate size pen. Capped is 139mm long. Uncapped 124 mm, whereas posted is 153mm long. The overall weight is very good. Lamy 2000 is not too light and not too heavy. When capped the weight is approx. 28g whereas uncapped 18g. In my opinion this is very comfortable and well balanced.

Barrel incorporates a small ink window, which helps to figure out how much ink left inside the pen.

The  feeder is fully hidden inside the grip section and only small part of the nib is sticking out. This is obviously part of the sleek, curved design I love and makes perfect sense. So if you like large, pronounced nibs, Lamy nib my not be for you. 

Lamy 2000 has fitted very functional piston filling mechanism which works seamlessly and Lamy 2000 can hold decent amount of ink.

On the top of filling knob, we find a silver spherical ornament which matches colour of the pen and grip, and this is possibly the only part of the pen which does not has any practical use.

Very convenient  ‘pop-off’ cap is made out of Makrolon® too. Brushed, flat stainless steel clip with small Lamy logo on the side fits beautifully to this simplistic design and works well.

Pen itself may looks difficult to maintain and clean, but in fact it is very easy to disassemble. It requires unscrewing the gripping section, just below the ink window, where small metal pins are visible. Pins are part of the metal ring which seals the gripping section and the barrel. There is the important bit. The metal o-ring in loose, so make sure to gently take it out and put in the save place. I believe there were many cases where these rings were accidentally washed away down the sink. Without this ring pen will be leaking, for sure.


By pushing  nib (gently) the feeder and the nib can be removed from the section. Be careful, there is a rubber o-ring at the end of the feeder.

Disassembled pen:


OK, but how it writes? Well, it writes very good, but only if you understand the way how nib is designed. Majority of modern EF, F, M or B nibs nowadays are more or less rounded. In Lamy 2000 platinum coated 14k gold nib is unique.  In general the nib is smooth and has gentle and pleasant feedback. Even EF nib I have is slightly flattened, which somehow reminds italic nibs. It can produce a variable line, however writing experience depends greatly on how the pen is hold and at which angle. Initially, it can cause lots of frustration and complaints simply because at certain angles pens does not write and can pick and tear paper. To write enjoyably with Lamy 2000 make sure that both tines are positioned parallel to the writing surface. Otherwise, it may be scratchy and can skips, especially with those who do cursive. It takes a while to get use to it, but once you  learn how to write with this nib, the pen sings and the writing experience is enjoyable. The EF nib I have is more like ‘standard’ western F, but again this is due to specific nib design. The nib is rather firm.

I have my Lamy 2000 since last 9 months and once I figured out how to use it appropriately it quickly became one of my favourite day-to-day fountain pens. I can easily say that 80 % of notes I do at work I do with Lamy 2000. The sleek modern look (even if is 50 years old), sturdy and durable material, gold nib and piston filling mechanism makes this pen to be an extremely reliable writing instrument. The stealth like matte finish has changed and worn a little over time but it still looks really good.

This is highly recommended fountain pen, but please remember it needs a little bit of practice before magic happens. It is not very cheap, but taking into account the material and design Lamy 2000 seems to be actually relatively inexpensive fountain pen.


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