Robert Oster Signature inks

Just a quick update tonight.

Two reviews of very cool inks from Robert Oster Signature line: Direct Sun and Barossa Grape are done and live since last few days. These two reviews are part of the larger collaborative meta-review of Robert Oster Signature  you may find already at the United Inkdom blog .


Robert Oster inks are gaining popularity among fountain pen users recently and there are many reasons why. They are really good quality inks with beautiful and well saturated colours representing Australian landscape. I have reviewed so far only two from quote extensive palette of colours which Rober Oster has in his offer, but I am looking forward to have a look at many more in the future. They are definitely worth checking and using.

(*)  Free samples of Robert Oster  inks I  reviewed were kindly provided by in the UK, who already has them in stock.

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  • farmkiti

    I’ve recently discovered and tried several Robert Oster inks and I’ve found them to be nice and wet. Really beautifu colorsl and lovely to use. They’ve saved a couple of dry-writing pens.