Robert Oster Signature – Ruthenium ink

Thanks to Roy from iZods Ink I was happy to review another Robert Oster’s ink called – Ruthenium. This is quite interesting colour, which is not that grey as you may assume keeping in mind that Ruthenium is a dark-silver metal (at certain conditions it has purplish hint).  The colour itself is rather matte purple grey, which to so me extend is resembling Robert Oster Signature – Barossa Grape ink. Therefore, Ruthenium seems to be slightly less purple and not that intense as Barossa Grape.  Interestingly in Ruthenium , purple tone is  much more pronounced  using wet nibs, whereas with finer nibs (or lighter strokes) ink looks greyish. There is a little bit of blue component. Similar inks are Herbin – Poussiere de Lune and Diamine -Damson.

Robert Oster Signature – Ruthenium is a  fairly watery ink, and for this reason with broad, italic or flexible nibs it produces a very nice shading , especially on less absorbing paper like Midori or Tomoe River. I really like the way it shades. Good shading is very characteristic to most Oster’s inks I tried. The colour is flat and it does not show any sheen. In general Robert Oster’s – Ruthenium flows nicely, but with some fountain pens with fine nibs it may feel a bit on a dry side.

In the UK Ruthenium is exclusively available from iZods Inks . Simple but very practical to use 50 ml bottle of this ink costs £14.50.

If you like matte grey purple inks you will be very pleased. However, if you are looking for standing out and vivid  purple this ink may not be for you. Personally, I like this ink and I like this tonal range. I would not not mind to have this colour even more dark grey, especially if it supposes to represents Ruthenium metal as such. It will be interesting to see a ‘shimmering’ variation of this ink with silver flecks, which then would truly mimics metallic fell. For now Robert Oster is not offering  such variation.


(*) Disclaimer/ I have no affiliation with the all brands and companies mentioned above and this short review reflects only my personal views and findings about the product. Sample of  ink was provided for review purposes only free of charge by iZods Ink.




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  • Julie Paradise

    Your pictures, especially those with your handwriting, are awesome!

    Thank you for the review, the colour is indeed a bit strange; I find it very appealing though.

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