Shimmer and Shine, inky divine – De Atramentis Pearlescent inks

Autumn and Winter seem to be a good seasons for glittery inks. I am not sure why is that, but this is how I found it over last few years. It is almost tradition now that ink manufacturer like Diamine releases set of new shimmeristic colours around this period. This just happened making respectable set of 30+ Diamine Shimmeristic inks in totalz. J Herbin has different strategy here and they are releasing only one ink per year, but long awaited colour of 1670 series. We are almost floded with glittery shiny inks this year, but obviously it has to be a large demand for such specific inks, so another brand is trying to step in and be recognised in this field. More specyfically – De Atramentis with their collection of Pearlescent inks. Accordingly, to the De Atramentis website, they offer currently ten different colours where each of them has three variations depending on what type of flecks (silver, gold or copper) are suspended in it. This makes 30 inks already, which I personally found a lot! Cool thing about these inks in general is that different particles are changing the overall shade of the base colour, sometimes significantly. Silver particles give frosty cold appearance, whereas Gold and Copper are much warmer.

Thanks to Scribble at UnitedInkdom I received 9 of them to play: Camelien Red, Brilliant Violet, Cyan Blue and Amber Yellow.

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KWZ meta (mega) review


As a part of collective bunch of reviewers under UnitedInkdom umbrella, I have just finished quite extensive (and hopefully comprehensive) metareview of the KWZ inks. This meta-review summarises number of independent reviews of KWZ Inks made by my ‘partners in crime’.

We have tested number of KWZ inks in total and we looked at them from different perspectives.  We shown all positive and negative aspects of these interesting and quite unique inks. Interestingly our opinions were sometimes divided and even contradictory, which is not necessarily bad thing, because it shows how different opinions on the same product may be, depending on person and approach taken. 

I hope you will enjoy reading it.

KWZ inks meta-review