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TwissPens is a small fountain pen company located in famous Sherwood forest in the UK run by well known and acclaimed British pen turner – John Twiss

Before I got into the realm of Twiss Pens I have seen many examples on the internet and I always admired his work and materials he uses.

I met John and his pens last year during London Writing Instruments Show. His desk was located just after the entrance to the main showroom, so it was difficult to overlook it, especially when his beautiful mainly acrylics and ebonite pens were visible from the distance. Once I have seen them, I knew that I won’t leave the show without one of his pens. The pen I purchased at the end was one of the first I spotted between all of these cuties. Almost like love from the first sight.

The pen is beautiful in its simplicity. This is a clipless, relatively slim cigar shaped pen, with slightly tapered ends, reminding some Japanese pens from Nakaya. It has very appealing look and beautiful line.

It is made from absolutely adorable red, pink and magenta semi-transparent acrylic material with beautifully incorporated white and creamy swirls, which give additional depth. Material is very light. The pen weight is:

 – 20.0 g when capped

 –  15.0 gram uncapped (about 16.0 g with fully inked cartridge)

 – cap  5.0 g

It has moderate size. The pen is ca. 14.0 cm long (capped), 13.0 cm uncapped and 17.3 cm when posted.

The cap is screw in and the threads fits very well. The threads themselves feel smooth under the fingers.  The edges are nicely smoothed. The same with the barrel  above the gripping section. There is no continuous transition between cap and the barrel. There is a small shallow gap in between which distinguishes these parts from each other, which in this particular case I found rather useful. The only complaint some people may have is the overall length of the thread. It takes approximately 3 full 360 degrees turns to completely unscrew the cap. Quite a bit. However, cap sits very securely, which is great. There is no unnecessary wiggle.  The gripping section has small concave shape and feels ergonomic.

My Twiss Pen is equipped with #6 dual tone stainless steel Jowo nib in F size and ‘threaded-in’ cartridge converter which again sits very securely in the section. Threaded cartridge converter is a good idea. I use this pen for 4 months now regularly and I never notice any accidental leakage from the cartridge or section.

The nib housing is well fit into gripping section too. I really like John’s the attention to details. This is simple pen, but everything is well conceived. Theoretically, pen could be used as an eye-dropper, since there is no metal parts in the section. However, I have not tested it yes. I probably would be careful here, because some inks can permanently stain the acrylic.

This particular model is clipless, so it may slip off from the shirt’s pocket or roll down the table and fall dawn on the floor. Just a reminder.

Now, the writing experience. Well, I have this pen for a while now and it quickly became my day-to-day pen I use for markings, annotations and corrections. The fine, firm stainless steel Jowo nib  this pen is equipped with is exceptionally good. It produces relatively wet and consistent line. Pen starts to write every time I pick it up. No problems with start up then and skipping at all. Before I purchased it from John, I asked him if I he could swap the steel Jowo nib with gold nib. I was ready to pay extra for the gold nib if I notice dramatic change, however the writing experience I had with the standard steel nib was so good, so I decided to keep it.  

Both barrel and nib have engraved/etched ‘T’ logo.

Concluding, John Twiss did incredibly good job regarding this pen. I simply love it. Is very pretty, and eye-candy pen adored by various people when I write next to them. Is well built. The smooth, glossy finish is fantastic. The most importantly – it writes great.  It is not the cheapest pen (I do not remember exact price I spent but it was around £ 150-170), but is hand made, not generic.  I never had any regrets regarding this purchase. It does the job done.

Except, longish thread on cap (which I used to), I cannot find any flaws, really. I already started gaining financial resources to order another custom made fountain pen from John Twiss pretty soon.

If you ever have a chance to go to any of the British Pens shows, you definitely should go and visit his stand and have a word with him and try his pens. You won’t be disappointed. This is simply

Please also check really cool review by Ruth from The Pen and Inkwell youtube channel on similar but also different (transparent lilac) Twiss Pen. Enjoy!

(*) Disclaimer. I have no relation to Twiss Pen company. I am just a happy customer. All views and comments are based on my personal experience.


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  • Julie Paradise

    Gorgeous photography! A real fun to read and interesting, too, as I have not heard too much about this specific pen maker. Thank you!

    • admin

      Thank you Julie. John Twiss pens are very well made and beautiful. John is pretty cool guy either 🙂